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Fact Sheets and FAQ

FAQ and fact sheets

The Board has developed the following documents to further assist optometrists in understanding the requirements of the Board’s registration standards and guidelines. These documents should be read in conjunction with the standard or guideline that they apply to.

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
FAQ: Continuing professional development

For further information, see Continuing Professional Development.
Word version
1 December 2020
FAQ: 2015 revised Recency of practice registration standard PDF 
Word version
25 November 2015

Web page 27 August 2015 
Information for practitioners who provide virtual care  PDF
Web page  May 2024 
Further information about telehealth:

These Taking care podcast episodes provide further information to practitioners about telehealth and how it is changing the delivery of healthcare.

Continuing the telehealth conversation

Telehealth in the pandemic era

Web page

Web page

January 2021

April 2020
FAQ: English language skills registration standard    Web page  29 June 2015 
FAQ: Registration standard for general registration for initial applications PDF 
Web page 1 December 2014
Fact Sheet: Limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice PDF 
Word version 
1 August 2018
FAQ: Optometry limited registration for teaching or research PDF
Web page  2 October 2013 
FAQ: For general information about registration renewal  Web page  1 October 2013 
FAQ on advertising guidelines  Web page 14 December 2020 
Further information about advertising

The Board and Ahpra have developed additional information to help practitioners and others understand their obligations when advertising a regulated health service. This information does not replace the Board’s Guidelines for advertising a regulated health service.
- Web page 14 December 2020
FAQ: Supervised practice framework Web page  1 February 2022 
Fact sheet: Supervised practice framework - transition arrangements  Web page  1 February 2022 
Vaccination and immunisation information   Web page 11 December 2023

Retired Versions

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Retired version: Telehealth guidance for practitioners PDF
  27 July 2020 
Retired version: FAQ: 2018 revised Guidelines for use of scheduled medicines
Word version
(123 KB,DOCX)
June 2018
Retired version: FAQ: Continuing Professional Development
Word version 
(140 KB,DOC) 
17 December 2015 
Retired version: FAQ: 2014 revised Guidelines for use of scheduled medicines PDF 
Web page 2 February 2015 
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