Optometry Board of Australia - It's time for Deakin mid year optometry graduates to register
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It's time for Deakin mid year optometry graduates to register

16 May 2024

Deakin University optometry students who are set to graduate in the next three months, can now apply for registration with the Optometry Board of Australia (the Board).

Getting your application in early helps avoid any delays and assists you to get into the workforce sooner.

Easy steps to apply online

1. Create your account using the online services portal and complete your application

2. Upload your documents and pay the required fees. Check that you have provided all required documentation to prove you’ve met the registration standards, including certified copies of your photo ID.

3. Wait for your education provider to provide your graduate results to Ahpra.


Handy hints to help you apply

Watch our video to get your application right

Applying for graduate registration video

You’ll find helpful advice, tips for avoiding common causes of delay and downloadable information flyers on the graduate applications page of the Ahpra website.

Make sure the name on your application for registration matches the name on your graduate results and the name on your identification documents (such as drivers licence or passport). When your names don’t match it will cause a delay.

Provide a unique email address

You can use your email address as your Ahpra login, so make sure the email you provide with your application is unique to you, and not your student email. As we regularly email you important information about your registration, please add Ahpra to your contacts or list of safe senders.

Get your photo ID certified correctly

It's important that you provide correctly certified photo ID documents with your application - the wording is very specific.

‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original and the photograph is a true likeness of the person presenting the document as sighted by me.’

To get it right the first time download the guide ‘Certifying documents’ and take it with you to the authorised officer. For the full list of authorised officers see the guide.

In addition to JPs, most registered health practitioners, public servants, teachers, lecturers and members of the legal profession can certify photographic ID documents.


Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduates – need help to apply?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement and Support team is available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates through the registration process.

It provides a one-on-one service ranging from helpful tips for navigating the registration process to regular phone contact, updates on relevant work being done in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme around cultural safety and advice on disclosures made on registration applications.

The support team is committed to helping you get registered promptly so you can start making vital contributions to safe healthcare and to your communities. If, after reading the handy hints, you would still like help with your application for registration, please email the support team at [email protected].


Meeting the Board’s registration requirements

When you apply for registration, your application is carefully assessed against the Board’s requirements for registration, which includes meeting the following registration standards:

• English language skills

• Professional indemnity insurance

• Endorsement for Scheduled medicines, and

• Criminal history.

You also need to tell us about any criminal history and any health impairments that may affect your ability to practise.

You can also check out the Board’s video for graduating students which introduces you to the Board and outlines the professional standards expected of optometrists. You might also be interested in watching the Ready to work – Your obligations as an optometrist webinar recording, which outlines what is required of you and to prepare for work.

How long does it take to get registered?

We aim to finalise your application within two weeks of receiving your graduate results. This assumes you have submitted a complete application so be sure to read the handy hints above and watch our video.

Get your application right and submit it to us before you finish studying, so we can be ready to go when your results come in.

When you are registered, we will publish your name to the Register of practitioners, and you can start working as an optometrist!

For more information

For registration enquiries or difficulties with the online application form: contact us by making a web enquiry or calling 1300 419 495 (within Australia).

Page reviewed 16/05/2024