Optometry Board of Australia - Revised registration standard and guidelines for endorsement for scheduled medicines published
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Revised registration standard and guidelines for endorsement for scheduled medicines published

18 Jun 2018

The Optometry Board of Australia (the Board) has published the revised Endorsement for scheduled medicines registration standard (registration standard) and the Guidelines for use of scheduled medicines (the guidelines) today.

To support a smooth transition for registered health practitioners the registration standard and guidelines come into effect from 10 September 2018. Registered optometrists need to familiarise themselves with this guidance to ensure their practice meets the Board’s expectations.

The registration standard and guidelines have been updated as a result of a scheduled review, following wide-ranging public consultation in 2017. The COAG Health Council (the Ministerial Council) approved the revised registration standard and guidelines on 31 May 2018, with an effective date of 10 September 2018. The Ministerial Council approval letter is found on the Board’s website.

The registration standard sets out the requirements that an optometrist must meet to be granted an endorsement. The related guidelines outline the Board’s expectations about the use of scheduled medicines by endorsed and non-endorsed optometrists. The guidelines apply to optometrists with general registration who use scheduled medicines for diagnostic purposes and to optometrists whose registration is endorsed for scheduled medicines, who use scheduled medicines for the purposes of the practice of optometry.

The revised Board-approved list of topical schedule medicines that endorsed optometrists are qualified to prescribe for the purposes of the practice of optometry, is found at Appendix B of the revised guidelines. The revised list is also published on the Board’s website and takes effect on 10 September 2018. The current registration standard, guidelines and list remain in effect until then. A FAQ has been developed to provide further information regarding the changes and the Board’s expectations.

All registered optometrists with a scheduled medicines endorsement must also be familiar and comply with the current legislative requirements in the jurisdictions in which they practice.

Mr Ian Bluntish, Chair of the Optometry Board of Australia said: 'The public have a right to access safe and effective use of scheduled medicines from endorsed optometrists who are educated and competent to administer, obtain, possess, prescribe, supply or use topical schedule 2, 3 or 4 medicines for the purposes of the practice of optometry'.

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The registration standard, guidelines and FAQ is available on the Board’s Registration Standards page.


Page reviewed 18/06/2018