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New info for optometry students and graduates

01 Jun 2016

From today, optometry students and graduates have a new way of finding out about becoming a registered optometrist.

The video, which was launched today by the Optometry Board of Australia, outlines what graduates need to do before they can register and practise as optometrists, and what they need to do to renew their registration each year once they are registered.

Board Chair Mr Ian Bluntish said the video is a quick and easy way for graduates and students close to finishing their studies to catch up on what they need to do before applying for registration.

‘Finishing studies is the first big step towards being an optometrist’, said Mr Bluntish.

‘The next step is to understand the registration standards they need to meet to become registered with the Optometry Board of Australia and join the ranks of Australia’s 5,114 registered optometrists.

In addition to outlining the standards graduates must meet to become registered, the video also includes information about the ongoing obligations for optometrists.

This video and other information for students and graduates is available on our Student Registration page.

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