Optometry Board of Australia - Optometry Board of Australia retires two policies
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Optometry Board of Australia retires two policies

13 Mar 2015

Two policies published by the Optometry Board of Australia at the start of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) are to be retired.

The two policies were published on 24 March 2011 and are for the supply of:

  • optical applicances, and 
  • novelty contact lenses.

Both policies are for public interest issues and address the possible supply of items by persons who are not registered optometrists.

The Board reviewed the two policies and identified that they are best recorded differently for future reference and so has decided to retire them from circulation.

The first policy pertains to the supply of cosmetic and novelty contact lenses regarding non-practitioners.

The Board will respond to this issue in the future if required, taking into consideration the current legislative situation.

The second policy concerns the supply of optical appliances.

A Board consultation this year on the prescription of optical appliances will also address any issues surrounding the supply of optical appliances.

The policies have been removed from the Policies, codes and guidelines section of the Board’s website.

Current consultations can be found under the News section of the website.

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