Optometry Board of Australia
Optometry Board of Australia

Continuing Professional Development

Consumers of optometry services have the right to expect that optometrists will provide services in a safe, competent, ethical and contemporary manner that meets best practice standards.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an interactive process to maintain, enhance and extend the practitioner’s knowledge, expertise and competence throughout his or her career. CPD is an important component in the continued provision of safe and effective services.

All practising optometrists must undertake CPD.

Registration standard and guidelines

The Board has developed the following documents to outline the requirements for CPD and how optometrists may meet these requirements:

Document name  PDF  Accessible version  Document date 
Optometry Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard  PDF
  1 July 2010 
Optometry Guidelines on continuing professional development for endorsed and non-endorsed optometrists  PDF(315KB)     


Refer to the Fact sheets and FAQ page for clarification on the CPD requirements.

Questions will be amended as required to assist optometrists meet the requirements of the registration standard.

Further information

For more information about CPD, please follow these links: 

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