Definition of CPD for endorsement for scheduled medicines

One of the requirements of the Board’s CPD registration standard is that optometrists who hold a scheduled medicines endorsement under section 94 of the National Law, must complete at least 20 points per year in education related to the endorsement.

An endorsement under section 94 indicates that the registered optometrist is qualified to prescribe or supply schedule 2, 3, or 4 medicines to patients for the treatment of conditions of the eye, from a list approved by the Board.

The Board has developed the following definition for activities related to endorsement to assist optometrists in choosing CPD activities and to provide guidance in the preparation and accreditation of CPD activities.

Prescribing and supplying medicines are stages of therapeutic medication management.

Therapeutic medication management involves the following stages:

  • patient assessment
  • differential diagnosis of all conditions of the eye
  • development of a management plan
  • appropriate choice of medicines (this may involve writing a prescription, ceasing medicines, dose adjustment, advising on over-the-counter medicine
  • advice to the patient about the appropriate use of the medication
  • development of a treatment plan
  • monitoring outcome
  • administration and/or
  • sale and supply if required and completing any necessary documentation


A CPD activity ‘relevant to scheduled medicines endorsement’ is an educational activity that meets the learning needs of the optometrist relevant to any of these stages of therapeutic medication management and assists in demonstrating one or more of the therapeutic competencies listed below.

It is expected that a significant component of the content and at least one of the learning objectives of the activity meet this definition for an activity to be eligible for CPD endorsement for scheduled medicines points.

It should be remembered that CPD activities, particularly related to patient assessment and differential diagnosis, will count as therapeutic points and may meet the CPD needs of endorsed and non-endorsed optometrists.

Page reviewed 10/01/2017