Optometry Board of Australia - Registration and Notifications Committee
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Registration and Notifications Committee

The Registration and Notifications Committee (RNC) is established by the Optometry Board of Australia (the Board) pursuant to Schedule 4, clause 11 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory (the National Law) to exercise any functions or powers delegated to the Committee under section 37 of this law.

The RNC undertakes the following functions as a committee of the Board to:

  • make decisions in relation to registration and notifications matters under the delegated authority from the Board as described in the Board’s instrument of delegation
  • provide advice to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) staff considering optometry registration and notifications matters prior to them coming to the Committee and during Committee meeting discussions
  • advise the Board on any policy issues and emerging trends relating to registration and notifications
  • advise the Board and Ahpra on the ongoing relevance of the instrument of delegations, and
  • consider and provide advice to the Board on matters that may be outside the Committee’s delegated authority, as requested by the Board from time to time.

Terms of Reference

Optometry Board - Registration and Notifications Committee Terms of Reference (130 KB,PDF), Word version (368 KB,DOCX) 


Mr Stuart Aamodt Chairperson and National Board practitioner member
Professor Sharon Bentley National Board practitioner member
Mr Benjamin Graham National Board community member
Ms Suzanne Dunning Practitioner member who is not a Board member
Mr Neville Turner Practitioner member who is not a Board member
Mr Kenneth Ingram Practitioner member who is not a Board member
Ms Joanna Saies Community member who is not a Board member
Ms Noeleen Lopes Community member who is not a Board member
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